India loves Pakistani dramas because they are more ‘sensible’ than their saas-bahu sagas


Indians reveal the real reason why they choose Pakistani serials over their saas-bahu sagas. PHOTO: FILE

Our actors might be making headlines across the border, but so are our TV serials. Times of India has reported that Indians feel Pakistani serials are more ‘sensible’ than their soaps.

It’s not only Fawad Khan getting all the love in the neighboring country, Indians reveal the real reason why they choose Pakistani serials over their saas-bahu sagas.

“I love watching them as they are much more sensible than Indian ones,” says Kanupreet Arora from Delhi.

“Though I watched my first Pakistani soap because of Fawad Khan, thereafter it was definitely for the concept and realistic stories. I watch them on YouTube every night. Currently, I am watching Maat. Though it is a little old, I have not watched it,” she said.


After Indian TV channel Zee Zindagi started airing Pakistani shows the Indian audience had the option to choose from a pool of their over-the-top dramas and the Pakistani ones which showed stories that common people can relate to.

Avneet Kaur from Indian Punjab, another fan of Pakistani soaps, says the serials are close to reality. “I am a big fan of these serials only because of their concept,” she says.

Unlike the luxurious lives depicted in Indian serials, Pakistani serials depict ‘real lives’.


“The best thing is that they don’t wear tons of make up and jewellery while eating and sleeping. They live real lives. Also, the stories are mostly women-oriented and that is one thing I like the most about them,” she further added.

Another fan, Sakshi Arora, residing in the same province said that she liked the fact that the serials were short and sweet, unlike the never ending khichi huay Indian dramas. “No dragging the stories for years. They are limited-episode serials, 25 to 30. Short and meaningful,” she said.


While others feel our dramas are close to reality, another avid Pakistan serial watcher Richa Khurana shares that she feels close to Pakistani culture. “So much like us, yet so different,” she says.

Birinder Kaur, on the other hand, watches them for the realistic treatment of social issues. “Kash Main Teri Beti Naa Hoti and Thakanare my favourites,” she says.

  • meezan

    guys PAKISTAN salute you all for this drama n fawad-sanamBalooch-Mahira-sanamSaeed etc etc!!You are having superb class f actor …. i m a big fan of Pakistani serials…Dhund Dhund kr k dekhta hun Serial pakistan k utube sey…. Oh…kya kya tarif krun….pehley main samajhta tha k SRK/AAMIR is d gud actor..Madhuri/Kajol is d class f actor in female dan i hve seen humsafr f mahira..dastan f sanam balooch…n cant ignore MERI ZAAT ZARREY BE NISHAN…. kitney zamaney bad to koi aisa mila jisey dekh skta hun savi k sath ghar m…warna indian mvie k song v ammi/sis k sath baith kr dekh kya sun v ni sakta…but Pakistani drma to behan ammi bhai savi k sath baith kr …n ro ro kr dekhta hun..means emotional ho kr k…… blve me yahan i m in new-delhi… top colleges f New Delhi…people started asking frm evry frnds in frnds circle yar Fawad ka koi EMotional sa Drama batao na/Mahira ka kuchh drama batao na/Sanam balooch ka batao na/Imran abbas ka etc etc Such that we can watch dose drama in summer vacation..dese Quesn r very common in New-Delhi Colleges Class before summer Vacation….. we are eagerly waiting for RAEES of MAHIRA KHAN too

  • Anonymous

    so true

  • Anonymous


  • Arsh

    Pakistani dramas are the best

  • I these drama’s are verry good bro and fawad and mahira ke jori tou MASHALLLAH suberb he or Imran or Sadia khan bhi kush kam nahi Hamad or Iman

  • wania ali

    dats definitely one thing i will not deny about pakistani serials. Dey r far ahead better dan indian ones like recently aired meri jaan hai tu amazing cast storyline with a twist just like a film n above all it has a fixed no of episodes.

  • Priya

    Well I definitely second dat thought.. Pakistani dramas r so close to d gnd reality.. Unlike Indian soaps.. My god dey r jus terrible.. It’s nt jus s storyline bt d storytelling and ofcourse d fact dat dey long for eternity..short meaningful stories wid real characters.. I don’t know wen will our Indian soaps learn from dem

  • Shatakshi

    I totally love that these dramas focuses on condition on women in their society.we can see it through dramas like pyar ka haq,zindigi gulzar hai.humsafar is my favourite. I too love tere ishq main(man o salwa) .i love them because they express feelings deeply.

  • Shahbaz khan

    I think these serials based on reality rather than a fictional drama and leaves a good message to the society and morealess story doesn’t elasts as long as interest of audience could vanished

  • rameen rajput

    Wow seriously em feeling proud that em Pakistani ^_^ nice to know that u all hv great love for paki serials 🙂 i really don’t think that just xindgi gulzar n hamsfer are only good serials every serial ov pak is best each one has its story that is based on reality 🙂

  • Gangadher rao

    Feeling gr8 to see those pak serials i felt crying too its so touching storys that will make you cry thanks pak and zindagi channel 🙂

  • zeeshan khan

    Zindagi gulzar hai SB se best serial hai iss k mukabil koi aor drama ho he nh Santa sanam saeed n fawad khan so real n natural actors brilliant serial brilliant sanam fawad luvd

  • zeeshan khan

    Pakistani drama industry ka SB se best pair from Zindagi gulzar hai sanam saeed n fawad khan sanam ki performance excellent she is most talented actress in the world both r pride of Pakistan.

  • zeeshan khan

    Zindagi gulzar hai dream world n sanam saeed natrul n classic actress she is lovable n luvly person.sanam n fawad best couple of showbiz industry

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree…pakistan silver screen rocks…

  • well, its not a big deal that idians have started to like Pakistani serials cause they are worth praising, entertaining and sober enough to be watched with families. paistani serials are beyond comparison to that of indian saas bahu serilas… proud to be Pakistani and own your stuff <3 <3 <3

  • zainab

    If you like pakistani dramas then dont
    Miss pyare afzal! A superb drama with an outstanding dialogue delivery <3
    Ps I like it more then humsafar 😀

  • Ayesha

    Pakistani serials r the best <3


    I dont think ..this is true.. ppl not really watch pakistani dramas here in Delhi … like really no one i colg or in family or neigbours..hmm i hv never heard of them either.. and this may be shocking to all of mother and her friends are really into indian sas bahu. and also not all indian dramas are sas bahu…..which ofcourse does make sense.. u knw wht i mean.. MY dad and me.. watch just ASHOKA AND FEAR FILES..LOLZZZ

  • Renu

    A big big thanxx to zindagii channel for showing us such a fabulous shws n actors who are stealing the hearts of audience with there quality work n content driven stories. Unlike indian soaps jo bs bina kisi sir pair k faltu ki ghatiya aur bakwas stories aur extra dramatic background music n faltu k eye locks pe bs chle hi jaa rhe hai aur bnd hone ka to naam hi ni hai like meri aashiqui on colors , kalash life ok,ye rishta kya bla blaa blaa kumkum bhagya saathiya on star iow can i forget balika vadhu n sasural simar ka…jo ab comedy shws ho jne chahie i mean yukkk..koi story nai hai actors bs pagal ho rhe hai aur jp man me ata hai dikha dete hai audience ko bore kr rhe hai I jst hate dem nw after watching pak dramas…n thinking yes ye hote hai tv shows with whom we cn connect so easily limited episodes family shws…Bina kisi intimacy k bhi ye shws kitne beautiful n romantic scenez kr lete hai hatssofff to Zindagi gulzar hai..i jst loved zaroon n kashaf i a big fan of sanam saeed n fawad.Apart too many r dere humsafar daastan maat e jaan aaj rang hai maat piya re…many more. Sanam saeed is my altime fav looking forward for her drama shukk very sooon on zindagi its jst mindblowing….plz indian shows directors n producers learn something from pak dramas n actors..or else jst stop torchoring audience with ur bakwas stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Indians u should watch bashar momin cast faisal qureshi

  • India and Pakistan share a common history, culture and geography. We must always learn from each other. When Paakiza was released, there were traffic jams in Lahore. Pysaasa is one of the world’s 100 best films. Now most Bollywood big-budgetted crap–thanks to Amitabh Bacchan and his audiences—is disgusting.

    I have watched most of Pakistani TV serials. Some actors are so great–the male and female cast in Zhindagi Gulzar Hai–that all the famed Khans and Kapoors of Mumbai can feel ashamed of themselves. But, it’s not true that these commercial dramas are really substantial contributions to Pakistani art and culture. The massive mansions, fabulous furnitures, and fancy dresses are poor substitutes for the general alienation and violence that dehumanize much of South Asia. But I do occasionally see a flame of hope here and there. At least I am able to enjoy an occasionally delightful dialogue in Urdu. If partition did not divid us, I would have been a Urdu poet. Subcontinental history is a painful drama that is hardly reflected by an serial or movie. Thanks for your time.
    Good luck!!!!
    MS Uncorrected

  • Farhat Sayeed

    I love pak drama’s bcoz its great presentation,acting skill of artists and the beauty of Urdu language.Freshness of real acting of Mahira Khan,Sanam Sayeed,Fawad Khan & others too.
    one complain-Why the name of artists are not mentioned in dramas.

  • zeeshan khan

    Zindagi gulzar hai whole world ka very brilliant serial hai sanam saeed fawad Kahn they are very talented ingenious actors hai fawad khan ka pair sanam saeed k sath world best pair h sanam ki acting itni reality base thi k ankhon say anson chalak partey.drama jitni dafa bhe dekh lo har bar new ehsas hota hai.plz do a some work together again plz fawad plz sanam do work.their chemistry unbelievable sanam n fawad r like amazing the luv between zaroon kashaf couple on screen I luv the music so beautiful I wish there was a version with music only one of the drama ever made.I luv fawad khan n I’m crazy mad fan of sanam them.fawad khan k swath sanam ki actiog perfectly brilliant hoti h.I luv sanam saeed.

  • zeeshan khan

    Zindagi gulzar hai aisa serial hai jis ne dil me that tou kiya leqin rooh ko bhe jhijhonr diya.kio actors apna 100% Kesy due sakta hai.leqin sanam fawad ki brilliant acting ney 1000% diya kamal k actors hain both.I’m mad fan sanam of luck for future.Zindagi gulzar hai iss k muqabil koi serial nh ho sakta.


    Best drama from my side is””””MAN-O-SALWA”””””AKA tere ishk me……best actor of Pakistan fawad and Noman izaaz….and best actress the pride of ur country…..””””””SAMINA PEERZADA MAM””””””