I am not married yet, I will invite everyone once I get married: Meera

Pakistani actress Meera who loves to be on the mainstream media and news comes up with another statement. The actress says, “I have not married with anyone, I will definitely invite everyone when I get married”.

I am not married yet, I will invite everyone once I get married: Meera

Meera says ‘Jab shaadi karun gien toh sub ko bulaoun gien’

On facing several ‘Nikkah’ cases, the actress had made up a clear mind to respond to media persons. Dressed in a black coat and black glasses, Meera appeared in a civil court, Lahore to attend the hearing of the case.

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Meera while talking to media persons after hearing of ‘Nikkah’ case said, “Ateeq-ur-Rehman is doing all this to gain cheap publicity”.

While talking to media outside the court, Meera assured that she is not married and searching for a perfect match for her. She said that she will inform everyone whenever she gets married.

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During the hearing, Meera’s counsel told the court that Atiq-ur-Rehman, who claimed to be her husband, only seeks publicity and media attention.

Meera is also known as ‘controversial queen’ who has been into arguments with a lot of celebrities. She has been facing cases from Ateeq-ur-Rehman, who claims Meera’s husband. He also holds ‘Nikkah copy’ in which Meera is officially married to Ateeq, and they are a couple.

The actress further added that she has not done ‘Nikkah’ with anyone. She will invite everyone when she’ll get married.